Content Management System (CMS) is a simple system that enables you to manage the content of a website. Using CMS you can create, edit and modify content, add and remove images, update and manage unlimited content pages, and then publish the content. Once published, content can be easily updated and republished. It also allows you to maintain the entire content from a single back-end central interface.

CMS provides you with processes which you can use to manage workflow in a collaborative domain. You can therefore control and monitor the content within your website without any technical training.

CMS is composed of two parts:

Content Management Application(CMA)

is the application that has a front-end user interface that allows you to add, modify, or remove content from a website without the help of the Webmaster. It is relatively simple to user and does not require any HTML knowledge.

Content Delivery Application(CDA)

is the application that compiles all the information and updates the website. It includes features such as publishing, formatting, indexing, searching, and retrieval of content.                                                                                  

What CMS Development do we offer?

Tech KB Solutions offers you a diverse set of services such as CMS Development, Open Source CMS Development and CMS Portal Development that is tailored to your needs. We provide customized services at affordable rates. Our team is experienced in developing the perfect CMS that contains all the necessaryspecifications to meet all your requirements.

We regularly update our technology and programming tools to the latest available on the market, so as to offer you the best services and solutions.

What are the benefits of using CMS?

  • A well-developed CMS is your salvation from difficulty in managing large amounts of content and endless stacks of text.
  • Tech KB Solutions ensures that you will receive the following CMS Development benefits:
  • Highly customized CMS that is designed to meet your business requirements
  • Optimized CMS that can withstand high server loads.
  • Comprehensive high performance CMS solutions such as CMS Development, Intranet and CMS Portal Development.
  • Ease in keeping track of content that is added, deleted, modified, and published.
  • Complete control of your own customized website
  • Flexible, functional, uncomplicated, and user-friendly CMS
  • Instant access to information that lets you make quick modifications
  • Increased productivity with a high level of flexibility

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